Labour Compliance (Delhi-Kondli)

Particulars/Details Description  
Name/address Of Contractor's Establishment M/s Triveni Engineering and Ind. Ltd  
A-44, Hosiery Complex, PH- II Extn, Noida, Uttar Pradesh -201305
Website address  
Name & address of the Proprietor/ Director/Partners Mr. Dhruv M. Sawhney, Chairman & Managing Director,  
Mr. Tarun Sawhney, Vice- Chairman & Managing Director,
Mr. Nikhil Sawhney, Non- Executive Director,
Dr. F.C Kohli- Director,
Dr. F.C Kohli- Director,
Mr. Shekhar Datta, Director,
Mr. Homai, A. Daruwalla, Director,
Dr. Santosh Pande, Director
Phone/Mobile No and E mail ID of establishment/person in charge of contract work Mr. Deepak Malhotra - DGM- Contracts- 0120-4748249, Ext- 249  
Name and address of the place/site where the contract workers are to be employed. M/s Delhi Jal Board (Sewage Treatment Plant) Near Dallupura road, Kondli, New Delhi- 110096.  
Phone/Mobile No and E mail ID of person in charge of site Mr. Akhilesh Rai - 9015090389 / 9999609389  
Copy of MOA/AOA/Partner ship deed/Proprietor's ID proof.  
Form "V" issued by P.E Rule 21 (2)    
Notice of commencement/completion of contract work -Rule 25(2).  
Form IV -Rule 21 (1)/VII Rule 29(2)    
Agreement with P.E along with rate and no. of workers for which contract has been given.  
Letter of extension of contract period in case of renewal of license. Not applicable  
Affidavits that wages are being disbursed through account payee cheques/ECS Not applicable  
Affidavit for legal compliance including condition of license.    
Challan of License Fee/ (Late fees, if any) G.A.R-7  
Challan of Security depsoit G.A.R-7  
License No. Under CLRA Act, 1970.  
Nature of work for which contracts workers are to be engaged/employed. Rehabilitation and Up-gradation of Kondli- "Phase 1 (45.5 MLD), Phase II (113.7 MLD) & Phase III (45.5 MLD) Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) with Effluent standards of BOD - 10 mg/1, TSS - 10 mg/1 or better under YAP - III" Package - K3.  
Registration No/ Certificate under the Delhi Shops & Establishment Act, 1954 Not Applicable  
PF code no PF Code no HR/GNGGN/33855000
ESI Code no- 20210546370010699
Half Yearly Return -Rule 82 (1)  


Particulars/Details Description  
Name and address of the Principal Employer DELHI JAL BOARD (HQ) Public Relations Office Room No.306, 3rd Floor, Varunalaya Ph-II, Jhandewalan, Karol Bagh, New Delhi-110005.  
Website address  
Name and address of the proprietor/ Director/Partners of P.E Estt. Sh. Arvind Kejriwal- Chairman- DJB  
  Sh. Nikhil Kumar, IAS- CEO,  
  Sh. Sanjay Gupta- Secretary- DJB  
  Sh. Mukesh Prasad, IAS - Admin.  
  Sh. Paras Ram- Diector - AP  
  Sh. Bansh Raj- Director - F&A  
Phone/Mobile Number of Person in-charge of contract work/site Mr. tSaraswat  
Registration Certificate No. Under CLRA Act, 1970 In Process  
Particulars/Details Description  
Labour Compliance Nov-2018 ESI Chalan Triveni Kundli Nov 2018
ESI Contribution Triveni Kundli Nov-2018
Muster Roll NOV 18
PF Ack Nov 18 Kundli
PF Challan Nov 18 Kundli
PF ECR Nov 18 Kundli
Register Of Accident NOV-18
Register Of Advance NOV-18
Register Of Deduction Nov 18
Register Of Fines Nov 18
Register of Leave Nov 18
Register of Overtime Nov 18
Register of Workmen NOV-18
Wage Register NOV-18
Labour Compliance Dec-2018 ESI Challan Triveni Kundli Dec 2018
ESI Contribution Triveni Kundli Dec-2018
Muster Roll Dec 18
PF Ack Dec 18 Kundli
PF Challan Dec 18 Kundli
PF ECR Dec 18 Kundli
Register Of Accident Dec-18
Register Of Advance Dec-18
Register Of Deduction Dec 18
Register Of Fines Dec 18
Register of Leave Dec 18
Register of Overtime Dec 18
Register Of Wages Dec 2018
Register of Workmen Dec 2018
Labour Compliance Jan-2019 Accident Book.Jan 19 Kondli
ESI Challan Jan 19 Kundli
ESI Contribution Jan 19 Kundli
Muster Roll Jan 19 kondli
PF Ack Jan 19 Kundli
PF Challan Jan 19 Kundli
PF ECR Jan 19 Kundli
Register of advance Jan 19 Kondli
Register Of Deduction for damage or loss. Kondli
Register Of Fines.Jan 19.Kondli
Register of Leave Jan 19.Kondli
Register of Overtime jan 19.Kondli
Register Of Wages Jan-19
Register of Workmen Jan-19
Labour Compliance Feb-2019 Accident Book Feb 2019
Advance Register Feb
ESI Challan Feb 19(Kundli)
ESI Contribution Feb 19(Kundli)
Fines Register Feb
Leave Register Feb
Muster Roll Feb
Over Time Register Feb
PF Ack Feb 19(Kundli)
PF Challan Feb 19(Kundli)
PF ECR Feb 19(Kundli)
Register Of Deduction Feb
Wage Register Feb
Workmen Register Feb
Labour Compliance Mar-2019 ESI Challan March 19Kundli
ESI Contribution March 19 Kundli
Muster Roll March 19
PF Ack March 19 Kundli
PF Challan March 19 Kundli
PF ECR March 19 Kundli
Register Of Accident March 19
Register Of Advance March 19
Register Of Deduction MAR 19
Register Of Fines March 19
Register of Leave March 19
Register of Overtime March 19
Wage Register March 19
Work Men Register March 19
Labour Compliance Apr-2019 Accident-book April-2019
ESI Challan April 2019 Kundli
ESI Contribution April 2019 Kundli
Muster Roll April 2019
PF ECR April 19(Kundli)
PF Ack April 19 Kundli
PF Challan April 19 Kundli
Register Of Advance April 2019
Register Of Deduction April 2019
Register Of Fines April 2019
Register of Leaves April 2019
Register of Overtime April 2019
Register Of Wage April 2019
Register of workman April 2019
Labour Compliance May-2019 ESI Challan May 2019 Kundli
ESI Contribution May 2019 Kundli
PF Ack May 19 Kundli
PF Challan May 2019 Kundli
PF ECR May 19 Kundli
Register Of Accident May 2019
Register Of Advance May 2019
Register Of Deduction May 2019
Register Of Fines May 2019
Register of Leave May 2019
Register of Overtime May 2019
Register Of Wage May 2019
Register of Workmen MAY-19
Labour Compliance JUNE-2019 ACCIDENT REGISTER JUNE-19
Advance Register JUNE-19
ESI Challan June 2019 Kundli
ESI Contribution June 2019 Kundli
Leave Register JUNE 19
Muster Roll JUNE 19
PF Ack June 19 Kundli
PF Challan June 19 Kundli
PF ECR June 19 Kundli
Wage Register JUNE 19
Workmen Register JUNE 19
Labour Compliance July-2019 ESI Challan July 2019 Kundli
ESI Contribution July 2019 Kundli
Muster Roll JULY 19
PF Ack July 19 Kundli
PF Challan July 19 Kundli
PF ECR July 19 Kundli
Register Of Advance JULY 19
Register Of Deduction JULY 19
Register of Overtime JULY 19
Register Of Wage JULY 19
Register of Workmen JULY 19
Labour Compliance Aug-2019 ESI Challan Aug 2019 Kundli
ESI Contribution Aug 2019 Kundli
Muster Roll
PF Ack Aug 19 Kundli
PF Challan Aug 19 Kundli
PF ECR Aug 19 Kundli
Register Of Accident
Register Of Advance
Register Of Deduction
Register of Leave
Register of Overtime
Register of Wage
Register of Workmen
Labour Compliance Sep-2019 ESI Challan Sep 2019 Kundli
ESI Contribution Sep 2019 Kundli
Muster Roll Sep 2019
PF Ack Sep 19 Kundli
PF Challan Sep 19 Kundli
PF ECR Sep 19 Kundli
Register Of Advance Sep-19
Register Of Deduction Sep 19
Register Of Fines Sep 19
Register of Leave Sep 19
Register of Overtime
Register of Wage
Register of Workmen
Labour Compliance Oct-2019 Accident register Oct-19
Advance Register Oct-19
Deduction register Oct-19
ESI Challan Oct 2019 Kundli
ESI Contribution Oct 2019 Kundli
Fines Register Oct-19
Leave Register Oct-19
Muster Roll Oct-19
Overtime register Oct 19
PF Ack Oct 19 Kundli
PF Challan Oct 19 Kundli
PF ECR Oct 19 Kundli
Wage Register Oct-19
Work men Oct 19
Labour Compliance Nov-2019 Accident Register Nov-19
Deduction Register Nov-19
ESI Challan Nov-19 (Kundli)
ESI Contribution Nov-19 (Kundli)
Fines Register Nov-19
Leave Register Nov-19
Muster Roll Register Nov-19
Overtime Register Nov-19
PF Ack Nov-19 (Kundli)
PF Challan Nov-19 (Kundli)
PF ECR Nov-19 (Kundli)
Register of Advance Nov-19
Wages Register Nov-19
Workman Register Nov-19
Labour Compliance Dec-2019 Accident Register Dec-2019
Deduction Register Dec-19
ESI Challan Dec-19 (Kundli)
ESI Contribution Dec-19 (Kundli)
Fines Register Dec-19
Leaves Register Dec-2019
Muster Roll Register Dec-19
Overtime Register Dec-19
PF Ack Dec-19 (Kundli)
PF Challan Dec-19 (Kundli)
PF ECR Dec-19 (Kundli)
Register of Advance Dec-19
Wages Register Dec-19
Workman Register Dec-19
Labour Compliance Jan-2020 Accident Register Jan-2020
Damage Register Jan-20
Deduction Register Jan-20
ESI Challan Triveni Kondli Jan-20
ESI Contribution Triveni Kondli Jan-20
Fines Register Jan-20
Leave Register Jan-20
Muster Roll Register Jan-20
Overtime Register Jan-20
PF Ack Jan-20 (Kundli)
PF Challan Jan-20 (Kundli)
PF ECR Jan-20 (Kundli)
Wages Register Jan-20
Workmen Register Jan-20
Labour Compliance Feb-2020 Accident Register Feb-2020
Advance Register Feb-20
Deduction Register Feb-20
ESI Challan Feb 2020 (Kundli)
ESI Contribution Feb 2020 (Kundli)
Fines Register Feb-20
Leave Register feb-20
Muster Roll Feb-20
Overtime Register Feb-20
PF Ack Feb 2020 (Kundli)
PF Challan Feb 2020 (Kundli)
PF ECR Feb 2020 (Kundli)
Wage Register Feb-20
Workmen Register FEB-20
Labour Compliance mar-2020 Accident Register Mar-2020
Advance Register Mar-20
Deduction Register Mar-20
ESI Challan Mar 2020 (Kundli)
ESI Contribution Mar 2020 (Kundli)
Fines Register Mar-20
Leave Register Mar-20
Muster Roll Mar-20
Overtime Register Mar-20
PF Ack Mar 2020 (Kundli)
PF Challan Mar 2020 (Kundli)
PF ECR Mar 2020 (Kundli)
Wage Register Mar-20
Workmen Register Mar-20
Labour Compliance Apr-2020 Accident Register Apr-2020
Advance Register Apr-20
Deduction Register Apr-20
ESI Challan Apr 2020 (Kundli)
ESI Contribution Apr 2020 (Kundli)
Fines Register Apr-20
Leave Register Apr-20
Muster Roll Apr-20
Overtime Register Apr-20
PF Ack Apr 2020 (Kundli)
PF Challan Apr 2020 (Kundli)
PF ECR Apr 2020 (Kundli)
Wage Register Apr-20
Workmen Register Apr-20
Labour Compliance May-2020 Accident Register May-2020
Advance Register May-20
Deduction Register May-20
ESI Challan May 2020 (Kundli)
ESI Contribution May 2020 (Kundli)
Fines Register May-20
Leave Register May-20
Muster Roll May-20
Overtime Register May-20
PF Ack May 2020 (Kundli)
PF Challan May 2020 (Kundli)
PF ECR May 2020 (Kundli)
Wage Register May-20
Workmen Register May-20
Labour Compliance June-2020 Accident Register June-2020
Advance Register June-20
Deduction Register June-20
ESI Challan June 2020 (Kundli)
ESI Contribution June 2020 (Kundli)
Fines Register June-20
Leave Register June-20
Muster Roll June-20
Overtime Register June-20
PF Ack June 2020 (Kundli)
PF Challan June 2020 (Kundli)
PF ECR June 2020 (Kundli)
Wage Register June-20
Workmen Register June-20
Labour Compliance July-2020 Accident Register July-2020
Advance Register July-20
Deduction Register July-20
ESI Challan July 2020 (Kundli)
ESI Contribution July 2020 (Kundli)
Fines Register July-20
Leave Register July-20
Muster Roll July-20
Overtime Register July-20
PF Ack July 2020 (Kundli)
PF Challan July 2020 (Kundli)
PF ECR July 2020 (Kundli)
Wage Register July-20
Workmen Register July-20
Labour Compliance August-2020 Accident Register August-2020
Advance Register August-20
Deduction Register August-20
ESI Challan August 2020 (Kundli)
ESI Contribution August 2020 (Kundli)
Fines Register August-20
Leave Register August-20
Muster Roll August-20
Overtime Register August-20
PF Ack August 2020 (Kundli)
PF Challan August 2020 (Kundli)
PF ECR August 2020 (Kundli)
Wage Register August-20
Workmen Register August-20
Labour Compliance Sep-2020 Accident Register Sep-2020
Advance Register Sep-20
Deduction Register Sep-20
ESI Challan Sep 2020 (Kundli)
ESI Contribution Sep 2020 (Kundli)
Fines Register Sep-20
Leave Register Sep-20
Muster Roll Sep-20
Overtime Register Sep-20
PF Ack Sep 2020 (Kundli)
PF Challan Sep 2020 (Kundli)
PF ECR Sep 2020 (Kundli)
Wage Register Sep-20
Workmen Register Sep-20
Labour Compliance Oct-2020 Accident Register Oct-2020
Advance Register Oct-20
Deduction Register Oct-20
ESI Challan Oct 2020 (Kundli)
ESI Contribution Oct 2020 (Kundli)
Fines Register Oct-20
Leave Register Oct-20
Muster Roll Oct-20
Overtime Register Oct-20
PF Ack Oct 2020 (Kundli)
PF Challan Oct 2020 (Kundli)
PF ECR Oct 2020 (Kundli)
Wage Register Oct-20
Workmen Register Oct-20
Labour Compliance November-2020 Accident Register Nov-2020
Advance Register Nov-20
Deduction Register Nov-20
ESI Challan Nov 2020 (Kundli)
Fines Register Nov-20
Muster Roll Register Nov-20
PF Challan Nov 2020 (Kundli)
PF ECR Nov 2020 (Kundli)
Wage Register Nov-20
Labour Compliance December-2020 ESI Challan Dec-20 (Kundli) Compressed
ESI Contribution Dec-20 (Kundli) Compressed
Labour Compliance Registers Dec-20 Compressed
PF Challan Dec-20 (Kundli) compressed
PF ECR Dec-20 (Kundli) Compressed
Workmen Register Dec-20 Compressed
Labour Compliance January-2021 ESI Challan Jan-21 (Kundli) Compressed
ESI Contribution Jan-21 (Kundli) Compressed
Labour Compliance Registers Jan-21 Compressed
PF Challan Jan-21 (Kundli) compressed
PF ECR Jan-21 (Kundli) Compressed
Labour Compliance February-2021 ESI Challan Feb-21 (Kundli)
ESI Contribution Feb-21 (Kundli)
Labour Compliance Registers Feb-21 (Kundli)
PF Challan Feb-21 (Kundli)
PF ECR Feb-21 (Kundli)
Labour Compliance March-2021 ESI Challan Mar-21 Kundli Compressed
ESI Contribution Mar-21 Kundli Compressed
Labour Compliance Register Mar-21 Kundli Compressed
PF Challan Mar-21 Kundli Compressed
PF ECR Mar-21 Kundli Compressed
Labour Compliance April-2021 EESI Challan April- 21 Kundli compressed
ESI Contribution April-21 Kundli compressed
Labour Compliance Register Apr-21 compressed
PF Challan April -21 Kundli compressed
PF ECR April-21 Kundli compressed
Labour Compliance May-2021 ESI Challan May -21 Kundli compressed
ESI Contribution May- 21 Kundli compressed
Labour Compliance Registers May-21 compressed
PF Challan May -21 Kundli compressed
PF ECR May-21 Kundli compressed
Labour Compliance June-2021 ESI Challan June- 21 Kundli compressed
ESI Contribution June-21 Kundli compressed
Labour Compliance Registers Jun-21
PF Challan June -21 Kundli compressed
PF ECR June-21 Kundli compressed
Labour Compliance July-2021 Labour Compliance Registers July- 21_compressed
ESI Contribution July- 2021 Kundli
ESI Challan July -2021 Kundli
PF Challan July- 2021 Kundli
PF ECR July- 2021 Kundli
Labour Compliance August-2021 Labour Compliance Registers-Aug21
ESI Contribution Aug-2021 Kundli
ESI Challan Aug-2021 Kundli
PF Challan Aug-2021 Kundli
PF ECR Aug-2021 Kundli
Labour Compliance Septmeber-2021 Labour Compliance Registers-Sep'21
ESI Contribution Sept-2021 Kundli
ESI Challan Sept-2021 Kundli
PF Challan Sept-2021 Kundli
PF ECR Sept-2021 Kundli
Labour Compliance October-2021 Labour Compliance Registers-Oct'21
ESI Contribution Oct -2021 Kundli
ESI Challan Oct- 2021 Kundli
PF Challan Oct- 2021 Kundli
PF ECR Oct- 2021 Kundli
Labour Compliance November-2021 Labour Compliance Registers-Nov'21
ESI Contribution Nov- 2021 Kundli
ESI Challan Nov -2021 Kundli
PF Challan Nov- 2021 Kundli
PF ECR Nov-2021 Kundli
Labour Compliance Dec-2021 Labour Compliance Dec-2021 to Feb-22
ESI Contribution Dec- 2021 Kundli
ESI Challan Dec -2021 Kundli
PF Challan Dec- 2021 Kundli
PF ECR Dec-2021 Kundli
Labour Compliance Jan-2022 Labour Compliance Jan-22
ESI Contribution Jan -2022 Kundli
ESI Challan Jan -2022 Kundli
PF Challan Jan- 2022 Kundli
PF ECR Jan -2022 Kundli
Labour Compliance Feb-2022 Labour Compliance Feb-22
ESI Contribution Feb -2022 Kundli
ESI Challan Feb -2022 Kundli
PF Challan Feb- 2022 Kundli
PF ECR Feb -2022 Kundli
Labour Compliance Mar-2022 Labour Compliance Mar-22
ESI Contribution Mar -2022 Kundli
ESI Challan Mar -2022 Kundli
PF Challan Mar- 2022 Kundli
PF ECR Mar -2022 Kundli
Labour Compliance Apr-2022 Labour Compliance Apr-22
ESI Contribution Apr -2022 Kundli
ESI Challan Apr -2022 Kundli
PF Challan Apr- 2022 Kundli
PF ECR Apr -2022 Kundli
Labour Compliance May-2022 Labour Compliance May-22
ESI Contribution May -2022 Kundli
ESI Challan May -2022 Kundli
PF Challan May- 2022 Kundli
PF ECR May -2022 Kundli
Labour Compliance Jun-2022 Labour Compliance Jun-22
ESI Contribution Jun -2022 Kundli
ESI Challan Jun -2022 Kundli
PF Challan Jun- 2022 Kundli
PF ECR Jun-2022 Kundli
Labour Compliance Jul-2022 Labour Compliance Jul-22
ESI Contribution Jul -2022 Kundli
ESI Challan Jul -2022 Kundli
PF Challan Jul- 2022 Kundli
PF ECR Jul-2022 Kundli
Labour Compliance Aug-2022 Labour Compliance Aug-22
ESI Contribution Aug -2022 Kundli
ESI Challan Aug -2022 Kundli
PF Challan Aug- 2022 Kundli
PF ECR Aug-2022 Kundli
Labour Compliance Sep-2022 Labour Compliance Sep-22
ESI Contribution Sep -2022 Kundli
ESI Challan Sep -2022 Kundli
PF Challan Sep- 2022 Kundli
PF ECR Sep-2022 Kundli
Labour Compliance Oct-2022 Labour Compliance Oct-22
ESI Contribution Oct -2022 Kundli
ESI Challan Oct -2022 Kundli
PF Challan Oct- 2022 Kundli
PF ECR Oct-2022 Kundli
Labour Compliance Nov-2022 Labour Compliance Nov-22
ESI Contribution Nov -2022 Kundli
ESI Challan Nov -2022 Kundli
PF Challan Nov- 2022 Kundli
PF ECR Nov-2022 Kundli
Labour Compliance Dec-2022 Labour Compliance Dec-22
ESI Contribution Dec -2022 Kundli
ESI Challan Dec -2022 Kundli
PF Challan Dec- 2022 Kundli
PF ECR Dec-2022 Kundli
Labour Compliance Jan-2023 Labour Compliance Jan-2023
ESI Contribution Jan-2023 Kundli
ESI Challan Jan-2023 Kundli
PF Challan Jan-2023 Kundli
PF ECR Jan-2023 Kundli
Labour Compliance Feb-2023 Labour Compliance Feb-2023
ESI Contribution Feb-2023 Kundli
ESI Challan Feb-2023 Kundli
PF Challan Feb-2023 Kundli
PF ECR Feb-2023 Kundli
Labour Compliance Mar-2023 Labour Compliance Mar-2023
ESI Contribution Mar-2023 Kundli
ESI Challan Mar-2023 Kundli
PF Challan Mar-2023 Kundli
PF ECR Mar-2023 Kundli
Labour Compliance Apr-2023 Labour Compliance Apr-2023
ESI Contribution Apr-2023 Kundli
ESI Challan Apr-2023 Kundli
PF Challan Apr-2023 Kundli
PF ECR Apr-2023 Kundli
Labour Compliance May-2023 Labour Compliance May-2023
ESI Contribution May-2023 Kundli
ESI Challan May-2023 Kundli
PF Challan May-2023 Kundli
PF ECR May-2023 Kundli
Labour Compliance June-2023 Labour Compliance June-2023
ESI Contribution June-2023 Kundli
ESI Challan June-2023 Kundli
PF Challan June-2023 Kundli
PF ECR June-2023 Kundli
Labour Compliance July-2023 Labour Compliance July-2023
ESI Contribution July-2023 Kundli
ESI Challan July-2023 Kundli
PF Challan July-2023 Kundli
PF ECR July-2023 Kundli