Our growing presence in the Alcohol segment is driven by our passion for quality. We have two well-equipped ultra-modern distilleries for the production of quality Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA). We produce potable alcohol and fuel-grade ethanol.

Our edge in this business comes from our distilleries at Muzaffarnagar (one of the largest single stream molasses-based distilleries in India) and Sabitgarh, which commenced production in April 2019. Both the distilleries have assured access to the consistent supply of captive raw material (molasses) - C-heavy as well as B-heavy molasses.

The Muzaffarnagar distillery has flexible operations with capacity to produce Ethanol, Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA), Rectified Spirit (RS) and Denatured Spirit (SDS). We are also manufacturing Hand Sanitizers, under the 'GERMCARE' brand – the most recent addition to our product portfolio – at the Muzaffarnagar facility. At Sabitgarh, we manufacture high quality ethanol.

As an environmentally conscious and responsible corporate, we follow high EHS standards, with strict adherence to environmental norms. We have set up concentrated spent wash (termed as SLOP) fired incineration boilers at both the distilleries, in compliance with the Indian Government’s new directives and guidelines for effluent treatment.

Our distilleries at Muzaffarnagar and Sabitgarh have a combined production capacity of 320 KLPD. We plan to enhance the capacity to 520 KLPD with two more plants in the pipeline (160 + 40 KLPD capacities). The 160 KLPD distillery is being set up at our Milak Narayanpur sugar mill, which will be operated on molasses/sugarcane juice & syrup/ grain. A new grain-based distillery of 40 KLPD capacity is being set up at Muzaffarnagar. Apart from this, we are also bottling 52.8 lakh litres of Indian Made Indian Liquor at our bottling facility in the premises of our existing distillery in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, to facilitate forward integration of distillery operations. We are fully geared to scale up our alcohol business to new levels.




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