Positivity Steers

A positive performance is necessarily grounded in a progressive approach. This belief forms the essence of our business strategy. It is why we remain consistently and continuously focussed on capturing the positivity in the external and internal business landscape.

Operational performance highlights

Integrated Sugar Business

Our performance during FY 20 in the Sugar business endorses the success of our positive approach and business strategy. Our ability to think forward, and to do things differently, has helped us stay ahead – an edge that we strengthened further during the year to deliver a better than market performance.

The Sugar business has performed well during the year due to our continuous efforts in reducing the cost of sugar production as well as the stable sugar prices. Our focussed sugarcane development programme led to the achievement of almost 100% high yielding and high sucrose sugarcane varieties in our factory command area across all sugar units, which helped the farmers in procuring higher return from their farm while improving the Company’s profitability through improved sugar recoveries. Further, having the right mix of our Co-product capacities helps us to optimise our overall profitability. Our Alcohol business has aggressively participated in all tenders issued by the Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) for procurement of ethanol, and has secured sizeable quantities. Both our distilleries have operated with B-heavy molasses successfully, encouraged by the Government policies. The performance of the co-generation power plants continued to be excellent, with very high uptime and reliable operations.

8.74 Million Tonnes

Sugarcane Crushed

1.01 Million Tonnes

Sugar Production

₹ 33,184 Per Metric Tonne

Domestic Realisation

2,74,449 Tonnes

Sugar Exported

SS – Sugar season – Oct – Sept. * For SS 19-20, on a like-to-like basis, the comparable recovery would have been 11.97%

33.7 %

Ethanol Produced from B-heavy Molasses

93,826 Kilolitres

Total Production from both Distilleries

~100 %

Capacity Utilisation at Distilleries

244.20 Million Units

Total Power Generation

145.34 Million Units

Power Exported

The Gears business has a leadership position in High Speed Gears segment in India and enjoys a market share of more than 80% across all major OEMs, supplying Steam Turbines, Pumps and Compressors, FD and ID Fans. This business is also supplying Gearboxes to various OEMs in Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia and Indonesia, and also in Europe (Italy, France, Germany, and Spain), US and Latin America. In the Refurbishment business, we are one of the leading global players in industrial gearboxes with a fleet of over 8,500 Triveni Gears and 900 replacements of more than 80 global brands. There is an increasing acceptance by multinational OEMs and industries for our products for their global projects – both in terms of new products as well as for providing refurbishment/replacement solutions. In our Water business, we are executing 12 Engineering Procurement Commissioning (EPC) jobs located in Delhi, UP, Karnataka, Odisha, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and Punjab.

Gears Business

154.2 Crore

Total Revenue

48.5 Crore


152 Crore

Outstanding Order Book

Water Business

305.9 Crore

Total Revenue

24 Crore


512.4 Crore

Outstanding Order Book (Product and EPC)

482.9 Crore

Operations and Maintenance Contracts Outstanding Order Book