We are one of India’s largest integrated sugar manufacturers, with market reach spanning 16 states and a product portfolio of premium quality Multigrade (Large, Medium and Small) Crystal, Refined and Pharmaceutical-grade Sugar. The Company also produced raw sugar in FY 20 for exports. We process and produce high quality sugar at our seven sugar mills.

With six power plants (full co-generation plants and incidental co-generation facilities), as well as two large distilleries, we have integrated our sugar operations through value addition of co-products generated in the manufacturing of sugar. This has helped the Company achieve financial and operational stability for the Sugar business.

After meeting captive power needs, we export surplus power to UPPCL, whereas we use captive generated molasses in manufacturing biofuel ethanol at our distilleries located in Muzaffarnagar and Sabitgarh. We also produce Extra Neutral Alcohol at Muzaffarnagar Distillery, and in Q1 FY 21, we also started the production of Hand Sanitizers at the same distillery.

  • All sugar units are Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) - 2000:2010 certified
  • Presence in branded sugar market through brand ‘Shagun’
  • Produce GermCare Hand sanitizers
  • Supply chain relationships with leading multinational Beverage companies, Food and FMCG companies, Pharmaceutical companies and Confectionery producers
  • Operating on captive feedstock from sugar units to generate alternate revenue streams
  • 97% Ethanol sales in distillery product mix
  • 104.5 MW grid connected co-generation capacity, located at five sugar units
  • Export of surplus power (60%) to Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited

Our Sugar business has the advantage of strategically located manufacturing units in fertile, sugarcane-rich areas of UP, that are fed through canal irrigation. Proximity to the country’s major sugar consuming markets enables better price realisation because of optimal costs of transportation and other logistics.


We share decades old partnerships with over three lakh sugarcane farmers. We support the farmers with dissemination of information, tools and scientific techniques in order to improve their productivity which enhances their income. We have also undertaken many other activities under our sugarcane development programme, such as soil mapping, creating awareness on better irrigation methods, providing mechanised equipment, changes in varietal balance by propagation of high yielding and high sucrose varieties of sugarcane etc. We distribute nutrients, fertilisers and pesticides under crop health management programmes. We also partner with the Government sugarcane research centres to introduce the latest scientific methods of farming, nurturing of seeds, and programmes for eradication of pests and diseases. We do continuous monitoring through real-time data capturing, which leads to on-time and faster decision-making. Our teams are dedicated to ensure that farm-level productivity is higher and we maintain cut-tocrush time, leading to higher gains to the farmers.

Going forward, we shall focus on intensifying this strategy to further augment our differential edge. This will be done through development of new areas under sugarcane cultivation in our command areas, and by consistently improving yields of sugarcane across the units.

Various efficiency changes and R&D initiatives are undertaken continuously on the processing side for enhancing operational efficiencies. We also undertake continuous machinery upgradation at the plants, and regularly monitor the consumption of process materials etc. by following the highest environmental standards.