A Diversified
Business Portfolio

At a glance

We employ over 6,500 people (including contractual) and operate 17 facilities in India for producing Sugar, Power, Alcohol, Industrial Gears and Gearboxes, besides providing Water and Wastewater Treatment solutions. We have integrated operations to produce sugar, ethanol and power. We produced over 1 million tonnes of sugar and 94 million litres of alcohol, and exported ~145.34 million units of power. Our products from sugar business are sold to several industry sectors, including Food and Beverages, Pharmaceutical, Power, Oil and Gas, and Retail. Our industrial gears and gearboxes are supplied to various industries like Steel, Refineries, Fertilisers, Cement, Textiles, Mining, Defence etc. Our water and wastewater management solutions are offered to large industrial and municipal sectors.

We are one of the largest integrated sugar manufacturers in India.

Our association with the Sugar industry is as old as the industry itself.

  • 7 Sugar units in Uttar Pradesh
  • Multi-grade - Large, Medium and Small Crystal - Sugar, Refined Sugar, Raw Sugar, Pharmaceutical-grade Sugar
  • Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) -2000:2010 certified
  • 3,00,000+ Associated farmers

We produce power from the co-product bagasse, a residue generated after sugarcane crushing, to fulfil the energy demand of our plant and sell the surplus to the power grid

  • 6 Power plants
  • Power export to Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL)
  • 104.5 MW grid connected co-generation capacity

We manufacture Extra Neutral Alcohol, which is used to produce potable alcohol and fuel-grade ethanol at our state-of-the-art distilleries at two locations

  • 2 distilleries with 320 Kilo Litres Per Day (KLPD) combined capacity located at Muzaffarnagar (MZN) and Sabitgarh (SBT)
  • MZN distillery has flexible product manufacturing capability - Ethanol, Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA), Rectified Spirit (RS) and Denatured Spirit (SDS)
  • SBT produces high quality Ethanol
  • Hand Sanitisers manufacturing facility at MZN
  • World-class technology employed to achieve Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)
  • Highest standards of environmental norms followed from both water and air quality perspective

World-class Integrated manufacturing facility

India’s largest manufacturer of industrial high speed gears and gearboxes; Known for the reliability and technical excellence of our products. Unmatched world-class delivery time. Incubated a Defence Business segment at the Mysuru facility. Currently supporting a variety of defence solutions for the Indian Navy.

  • Largest engineered-to-order turbo gearbox manufacturer in India
  • 3 different business segments – Gears, Defence, Built to Print
  • Defence business solutions include –
    • Above and below deck mechanical equipment
    • Platform level support, including propulsion design, propulsion systems, Auxiliary part systems and individual equipment such as pumps, compressors and turbines

We provide complete and sustainable water technology solutions across the water usage segments

  • >2,000 process equipment supplied and commissioned
  • ~10,000 Million Litres Per Day (MLD) water treated through our projects & equipment
  • Embraced every type of technology
  • Executed some of the largest projects in India
  • Providing innovative solutions to a variety of customers to meet their technological requirements

Our Mission

We are committed to providing premium quality products, innovative and sustainable solutions that create value for our customers. We continue to look at ways we can make a positive environmental, societal and economic difference for the community at large. We build diverse teams and provide equal growth opportunities to all our employees.


Our Vision

We strive to maintain sustainable business growth through continuous innovation, market development and customer retention while creating long-term value for all our stakeholders.


Our Values

Open We believe in open communication. We listen to our stakeholders and respond to their suggestions.

Pro-active We understand customers’ needs, offer new solutions customised to their requirements and exceed their expectations.

Commitment We are committed to our customers and live up to promises.

Innovation We are always willing to improve our products and service through continuous research and development.


Our Responsible Growth

In line with our focus on responsible growth, we adhere to sustainable business practices and are sensitive to the needs of the society. In view of the grave situation arising from COVID-19 pandemic, we promptly switched to bottling hand sanitizers, using the ethyl alcohol produced in our facility, to meet the acute shortage of alcohol-based sanitizers. Our wide variety of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts, over and beyond what are statutorily required, span outreach programmes across all our businesses. Since we have a multi-state footprint of operations, we undertake CSR activities to address areas such as healthcare, education, hygiene etc. in and around our operating areas.