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Neha Arora

Assistant General Manager (CorpComm)Corporate Office

Triveni is a truly special place to build a career, fostering continuous learning and growth every step of the way.

Triveni is a truly special place to build a career, fostering continuous learning and growth every step of the way.

When I joined Triveni 15 years ago as a Deputy Manager of Communications, I had no idea of the incredible journey that lay ahead. Over the years, I have evolved professionally and personally, acquiring skills not only in Corporate Communications but also in Corporate Social Responsibility and Investor Relations. Today, I serve as the Assistant General Manager of Corporate Communications, leading the department under the mentorship of Mr. Akash Premsen, our VP of Strategy.

Every day at Triveni brings new learning opportunities. The management has always encouraged me to explore and grow, providing ample opportunities for development. A significant influence on my growth was Mr. CN Narayanan, who mentored me for 12 years. He not only taught me the skills needed for my daily tasks but also how to be a leader who thinks about the growth of the Company and the team.

On a typical day, I work on various aspects of Corporate Communications starting from managing the media relations, working with my strong team, a mix of young and experienced women on growing the digital assets of the company, employer branding, internal communications etc. I also focus on the Corporate Social Responsibility projects for the Company and supporting the Investor Relations function. One of the most crucial skills I've developed is people skills - managing professional relationships and building trust with colleagues at all levels. Working closely with executive leadership, I ensure that the management's vision and business objectives are communicated effectively to all stakeholders, both internally and externally.

Several unique projects have made my role at Triveni fulfilling. One such project was the Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative, a rural marketing project that I implemented across our sugar businesses. This project deepened my knowledge of the sugar industry, which is a significant part of our Company's revenue. Another noteworthy project was managing the renovation of our corporate office, a challenging task that required budgeting and daily management to ensure timelines were met while maintaining high-quality standards. For this project, I was honored with the "Employee of the Year" award.

The digitization project was another significant milestone. This project aimed to transform our work culture from paper-based to a hybrid digital model, improving long-term document usage and ease of access. Rolling out this project during the second wave of COVID-19 was particularly challenging.

One of the most impactful initiatives I've been part of is the annual report execution and delivery for the Company. Our reports have won multiple international awards in recent years. Working closely with Ms. Surabhi Chandna, Head of Investor Relations, we continuously enhance the reports in terms of content and design, learning and improving each year.

Apart from these projects, I've also been part of significant milestones such as the demerger of our steam turbines business, which is now a separate listed entity valued at USD 1 billion. Establishing marketing communications and branding standards for the global audience of this Company has been an incredible learning experience. Understanding the sales process, global competitors, and positioning the Company in terms of branding and marketing has been enlightening.

Triveni's culture of being open, proactive, committed, and innovative has greatly inspired me. This culture is a testament to strong leadership that ensures equal growth opportunities for all employees. An open environment encourages the sharing of ideas, leading to continuous improvement. Being proactive helps us think ahead and meet our KRAs successfully. The Company's commitment to employee growth and well-being is evident from its low employee turnover, which is a benchmark in itself. Innovation drives us to continually improve our processes and deliver quality output.

All these factors make Triveni a special place to build a career. The trust shown by the promoter family in my work over the years and the opportunities provided for professional growth have been invaluable. This support has enabled me to contribute significantly to the Company's success and earn multiple international awards.

I am proud to be part of the #TriveniFamily and look forward to achieving many more milestones together.

- Neha AroraAssistant General Manager (CorpComm) Corporate Office

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