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Deputy Manager - Production (Khatauli)Sugar Business

Working at Triveni has taught me the significance of innovation, adaptability and resilience in a constantly changing industry.

"I value my 8-year tenure at Triveni as a dynamic journey of professional and personal growth. Learning the significance of innovation, adaptability and resilience in a constantly changing industry, particularly in the commodity-based sector, has boosted my abilities for problem-solving and handling uncertainties. Professionally, this quintessential Triveni approach has made me more effective in my role and personally, it has enriched my prowess to tackle challenges with poise and determination."

Working in production and managing day-to-day operations, Triveni's incomparable work culture has enabled me to accomplish several milestones related to production targets that were important for the company's success. These achievements, in turn, have helped me mature and become more confident in my role.

My typical workday at Triveni involves overseeing production, managing schedules and resolving any issues and bottlenecks that arise on the go. Challenges include addressing delays in supply that may emerge due to sudden demand spurts like in the festive season.

Working constantly on projects that improve efficiency and quality, I have learnt to adapt quickly to ensure smooth operations and meet goals. A few standout memories that made a real impact include being a part of successfully establishing new packaging machines in 2020 and 2023 and elevating our production capacity, sugar quality standards and efficiency.

Triveni's culture of innovation serves as a constant source of inspiration in my work. Take for instance the time we were facing a persistent higher packaging loss in our division. I contributed to analyzing all the potential areas of improvement and undertook tight controls. This initiative effectively lowered the losses in the short term and is contributing significantly in the long run in sync with our enhanced production capacity. This experience underscores how embracing innovation drives efficiency - a paradigm that also fuels my passion for pushing boundaries in all that one does.

Triveni sets itself apart by prioritizing innovation and sustainability in a commodity-driven industry. It offers a nurturing environment for career growth, with opportunities for skill development and impactful handling of challenges. The company's commitment to ethical practices adds purpose to our work, making Triveni a special place to build a fulfilling career.

As for me, I find deep fulfillment in my role at Triveni through the successful implementation of efficient processes and SOPs, positive feedback from satisfied clients using our private label contract manufacturing services and the recognition by and support of my seniors. These moments validate my hard work, boost team morale and inspire me to continue striving for excellence at work and in life.

- AMIT KAMBOJDeputy Manager - Production (Khatauli) Sugar Business

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