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Communities that have the maximum difficulty in accessing freshwater face the biggest threat from the growing water scarcity. One effective solution to address this problem is to desalinate or desalt water through a water treatment process that enables the conversion of the sea or brackish water into potable water.

At Triveni, we have developed a complete range of sea water desalination & brackish water desalination solutions:

  • We undertake desalination right from Intake systems to pre-treatment, MF/UF, RO and de-mineralisation
  • We can provide desalination systems developed over time with different pre-treatment options

The Desalination process includes:

- Intake system

- DAF/BSF/disk filter

- Ultrafiltration

- RO feed pumps

- RO membranes (single-stage / multi-stage)

- De-mineralisation

- Disposal of brine

desalintion project solutions


Nagarjuna Power (LANCO) at Udipi, Karnataka at Udipi, Karnataka:16,200 M3/Day

SWRO Desal at JSW, Tarapur: 480 M3/Day

SWRO Desal for BLMCL, Barmer, Rajasthan: 3,000 M3/Day

SWRO for NTECL, Vallur: 6,000 M3/Day

15000 M3/Day Barmer Lignite Mining Corporation Ltd.