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Chief General ManagerCorporate Office

I am grateful for the opportunity to share my career journey at Triveni. Although I was content with my stable job as a government employee.

"I am grateful for the opportunity to share my career journey at Triveni. Although I was content with my stable job as a government employee, I joined Triveni in 2005, driven by my ambition for diversification and innovation. Since then, I have been impressed by the Company's focus on utilizing state-of-the-art technology and modern infrastructure and their dedication to creating a work environment that fosters innovation and creativity within the team."

Under the benevolent guidance of my seniors and colleagues, I got opportunities to broaden my horizons, diversify my skills, and gain trust in the organization, which helped me earn a place in the corporate office. The confidence bestowed upon me led me to be part of various projects as a part of the Company's journey of diversification in a huge way. What I find most interesting about my experience at Triveni is the opportunity to pursue my passion for social work and community service alongside my professional duties.

Upon joining the Company, I was entrusted with the crucial responsibility of overseeing the Operations & Maintenance of the Cogeneration Power plant in Deoband. Despite the teething troubles that arose during the first year of operations, I worked collaboratively with the team at the site and HO to resolve them promptly and efficiently, ensuring uninterrupted plant operations.

During my tenure at the Cogeneration unit in Deoband, we faced an acute bagasse shortage, prompting us to explore alternative fuel sources. With the guidance and support of my seniors, I successfully identified and implemented several economic alternate fuels that set a benchmark in the industry and are now widely adopted by other companies.

Throughout my time at the cogeneration unit, I developed and implemented maintenance methods and SOPs that helped the plant perform at its best with minimal breakdowns and high uptime. Following my transfer to the corporate office, I had the opportunity to interact with all units in the company and monitor Utilities, enabling me to gain valuable insights into the Company's operations.

I played a vital role in executing the incidental cogeneration plants at Sabitgarh, Chandanpur, and Milak Narayanpur units during my tenure.

Despite taking a brief hiatus in 2010, I was welcomed back to the Company with open arms, demonstrating Triveni's dedication to its employees and their passions. Our CEO, Mr. Sameer Sinha, sets the bar high for perfection, safety, and efficient operations, which can be challenging but ultimately brings out the team's untapped potential to evolve and grow professionally. I have witnessed a heartwarming aspect at Triveni: a sense of family among the team.

As the Company expanded its operations to enhance ethanol production in a big way in line with the government's mission of ethanol blending, I was actively involved in establishing new distilleries at Sabitgarh, Milaknarayanpur, and Muzaffarnagar units in the shortest possible time despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently, I am engaged in the ongoing multi-feed distillery project at our Rani Nangal unit. I am committed to delivering the best possible outcomes through expertise and dedication to the Company's goals.

During my duties and responsibilities, I acknowledge the possibility of making mistakes. Despite this, I am grateful for the unwavering support of my colleagues, seniors, and the management, who have stood by me, helping me learn and grow. This level of support is a notable hallmark of Triveni as an organization. Additionally, I learned the significance of dedication and commitment to fulfilling the organization's goals while supporting the interests and passions of my colleagues and me.

My experience with Triveni showcases the Company's loyalty, dedication, and excellence culture. I take pride in being a part of such a wonderful organization that values its employees and motivates them to pursue their aspirations, making Triveni a great place to work.

- G. RAVI CHANDARChief General Manager Corporate Office

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