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Our robust sugarcane development programme works to transform the lives of our farmer associates through socio-economic empowerment initiatives. These include knowledge-sharing and awareness, technology support, training modules, livelihood enhancement initiatives, and soil health programmes.

Through regular awareness drives, we spread knowledge among farmers about new techniques and technological advancements in agriculture. We also train them in advanced practices in agronomy and cropping. Our Soil Health Programme includes supply of macro- and micro-nutrients to the sugarcane farmers, some of which are provided to them at subsidised rates through the agro-input outlets at our units. We also help farmers with procuring high-quality and/or new varieties of sugarcane seeds, as well as pesticides, at subsidised rates. Continuous surveillance, real-time data capturing, control over cut-to-crush time, and crop protection from disease are some of the other tools we have deployed. 


  • To help boost sugarcane productivity - a win-win situation for the Company and the farmers - we are propagating new high sugared, high yielding varieties of sugarcane varieties to lower dependence on the most widely cultivated Co 0238, which has become susceptible to diseases at some of our units
  • A large number of demo plots have been set up to demonstrate newer planting techniques & well monitored cultural practices for achieving higher yields, for a wider farmer engagement & propagation of know-how.
  • We have identified some new varieties, such as Co 118 & Co 15023, amongst some other existing varieties e.g. Co 98014, Co J88 etc., for propagation at our units
  • We have identified different sets of varieties to mitigate climatic and topographical challenges specific to different regions where our sugar units are located
  • We have signed an agreement with Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Coimbatore, for varietal evaluation and selection Trials



Soil Health Programme

Our well-structured Soil Health Programme helps in assessing the availability of macro and micro nutrients in the soil. This is done through planned collection of soil samples, followed by their testing and analysis at certified soil laboratories. Extension tools, such as pamphlets, wall paintings etc., are used to create awareness among farmers for balanced usage of soil nutrients. Based on the soil health status, we facilitate supply of macro and micro nutrients, including some on subsidised costs, through the agro input outlets at our units.

We are also facilitating farmers in procuring high-quality and/or new varieties of sugarcane seeds, as well as pesticides, on subsidised rates.

To help protect the crop from soil-borne pests, at various stages of crop growth, we make available pesticides and fungicides to farmers at subsidised rates at our outlets.

We believe our deep-rooted farmer partnerships to be critical to the continued success of our Sugar business, and to sustained stakeholder value creation. We are committed to their holistic development through focussed interventions and initiatives.