Seizing the right opportunities Making the right investments

During FY 23, we focussed strategically on seizing the unfolding opportunities to make targeted investments across our business segments. These investments are designed to steer our growth today and for the future.

Opportunities Identified

Leverage the untapped potential of our fertile catchment areas to boost our yields and recovery to provide higher and better-quality sugarcane

Export at the right time to maximise realisations

Harness the demand for refined and pharmaceutical sugar to garner a bigger share of revenue in this segment

Investments Made

Modernisation, debottlenecking at various sugar facilities leading to cost optimisation and improving sugarcane crushing efficiency

Expansion of the sugarcane development programme

Process conversion at Deoband to DRP (Refined), increase in pharmaceutical sugar capacity at Sabitgarh

Opportunities Identified

Government promotion of production and blending of fuel ethanol with petrol, along with supportive pricing

Government target of 20% blending under Ethanol Blended Petrol (EBP) Programme by 2025 or EBP20

New Government guidelines for producing ethanol from sugarcane-based and grain-based feedstocks, to help distilleries identify the quantity of ethanol produced from different routes

Investments Made

Expansion of distillation capacities from 320 KLPD to 660 KLPD

Modern & efficient technology

Optimisation of product mix while focussing on the bottom-line

Opportunities Identified

Robust economic growth and growing industrial CapEx in sectors like sugar, distillery, oil & gas, cement, steel

Defence push by Government through ‘Make in India’ and ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ campaigns

Enhance total addressable market

Leverage the global demand opportunity to boost overseas presence

Investments Made

Ongoing expansion of Power Transmission business at an aggregate cost of ₹ 180 crore which includes setting up a new multi-modal facility, dedicated to Defence products

New bay proposed to be set up along with a large grinder, hobber and other supporting machines & equipment for Power Transmission and Defence products etc. to enhance the capacity from ₹ 250 crore to ₹ 400 crore

Opportunities Identified

Growing focus by governments globally on water resource efficiency

Indian Government policies on utilisation of tertiary treated water from sewage / effluent treatment plants

Scope for participation in international projects, where we are well-equipped to identify and respond to the emerging opportunities in a timely and agile manner

Investments Made

Advanced technologies and technological partnerships

Expanding international footprint

Exploring new opportunities in the domestic market

Participation in HAM/PPP opportunities

Strengthening Operations & Maintenance (O&M) support to clients