Built on an Expanding Opportunity Landscape

We are a leading and diversified industrial conglomerate, with core competencies in the areas of sugar, alcohol power transmission and water & wastewater treatment. Today, we proudly hold the position of one of India’s largest integrated sugar manufacturers and one of the largest ethanol manufacturers, while making significant contributions in Power Transmission and in Water & Wastewater treatment solutions.

Our robust organisational foundations have been built around the expanding opportunity matrix, which we continue to harness proactively at the back of our strong quality and innovation focus. These foundations continue to be reinforced by our core strengths, which enable us to continually leverage the existing and emerging opportunities to grow and expand across our business segments. They are further powered by our well-articulated ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) principles, with focus on high standards and compliances across the key metrics of performance.

Strategic Priorities amid the Expanding Opportunity Matrix


  • Enhancement in sugarcane yields through sugarcane development and farmer initiatives
  • Improvements in crushing rates and overall efficiency enhancements
  • Increased premiumisation through products like refined and pharmaceutical sugar
  • Sugarcane varietal substitution


  • Production of Ethanol & ENA through optimal route/sacrifice of sugar, depending upon the product economics
  • Greenfield and brownfield capacity expansions
  • Flexibility in distillery operations via multi-feedstock approach including grain, molasses, sugarcane juice/syrup

Power Transmission

  • Increasing our addressable market by focussing on export markets, contributing to long-term business growth
  • Strengthening presence in Power Generation, Compressors, Pumps and Built to Print in Industrial and Oil & Gas segments, majorly from western markets
  • Secure foothold in multiple indigenous product categories in the Defence segment through development of own technology and collaborations

Water & Wastewater Treatment Solutions

  • Diversification through overseas expansion for new business opportunities
  • Participation in PPP/HAM concession projects and EPC opportunities
  • Recurring revenue stream through operations and maintenance services for water & wastewater treatment plants


We strive to maintain sustainable business growth through continuous innovation, market development and customer retention while creating long-term value for all our stakeholders.


We are committed to providing premium quality products, innovative and sustainable solutions that create value for our customers. We continue to look at ways to make a positive environmental, societal and economic difference for the community at large. We build diverse teams and provide equal growth opportunities to all our employees.



We believe in open communication. We listen to our stakeholders and respond to their suggestions.


We understand customers’ needs, offer new solutions customised to their requirements and aim to exceed their expectations.


We are committed to our customers and live up to promises.


We are always willing to improve our products and service through continuous research and development.

Growing through Innovation and R&D

Our strengths in innovation and Research & Development (R&D) empower us to effectively translate opportunities into growth. Our sustained focus on pioneering new products, aligned to the transforming customer needs and market trends, has emerged as a key driver of our efforts to scale growth and enable greater value creation. Our experienced R&D team, with an innovation-forward mindset, is continuously leveraging the best and most advanced technologies not just to meet customer needs but, in fact, to exceed them. The focus is on leveraging advanced technologies to develop new-age breakthrough products, particularly in the Power Transmission and Defence segments. We are also making strategic investments in R&D to strengthen our sugarcane development programme, with the aim to improve sugarcane quality and yield.

Integrated & Diversified Conglomerate in Areas Of Sugar, Ethanol And Engineering




7 modern, FSSC 22000 certified sugar units in the sugar-rich belt of Uttar Pradesh


  • Multi-grade - Large, Medium and Small
  • White Crystal Sugar, Refined Sugar, Raw Sugar (for export, basis market dynamics), Pharmaceutical-grade Sugar

Key Highlights

  • Extensive sugarcane development programme with farmers


  • Generating Power from co-product bagasse
  • 104.5 MW grid connected co generation capacity
  • Meeting captive needs, and surplus sold to Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL)
  • 3 of the 6 co-generation plants use highly efficient 87 ata/515° C steam cycle

9.33 Million Tonnes

Record sugarcane crushed in SS 2022-23

0.95 Million Tonnes

Sugar produced in SS 2022-23

0.12 Million Tonnes

Sugar exported in FY 23


Net Sugar recovery in SS 2022-23

3.30+ Lakh

Farmer Network

~2,04,000 Hectare

Area under Sugarcane


4 ultra-modern distillery facilities at Muzaffarnagar (MZN), Sabitgarh (SBT) and Milak Narayanpur (MNP), with an aggregate 660 KLPD capacity


  • Fuel-Grade Ethano
  • Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA)
  • Rectified Spirit

Key Highlights

  • Among the leading alcohol producers in India
  • Commissioned new 200 KLPD multi-feed distillery at MNP to produce ethanol
  • Commissioned grain-based distillery of 60 KLPD in MZN to produce Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA) / Ethanol
  • Enhanced capacity at Muzaffarnagar & Sabitgarh from 160 KLPD to 200 KLPD (each)
  • Plans to take total capacity to 1110 KLPD
  • Flexibility of feedstock and product mix
  • Bottling Indian Made Indian Liquor (IMIL) at the bottling facility at our existing distillery in MZN, to effectively use molasses reserved to be sold to country liquor units, and to facilitate forward integration of our distillery operations
  • Strong Environment Health Safety compliances

1,81,194 KL

Alcohol produced, +68.4% Y-o-Y

1,80,423 KL

Alcohol sold, +53.1% Y-o-Y

(In FY 23)




3 business segments – Gears, Defence, Built-to-Print, powered by a state-of-the-art integrated manufacturing facility in Mysuru, Karnataka


  • For Power Transmission – Gears & Gearboxes (including spares)
  • For Defence – Propulsion gearboxes and other critical gearboxes, critical turbo and motor-driven pumps, gas turbine generators for auxiliary power, propulsion system integration, propulsion shafting

Key Highlights

  • Among the largest engineered-to order turbo gears manufacturers
  • Exceptional delivery time, reputation for reliability & product excellence
  • Strong focus on value engineering, high-quality manufacturing, R&D
  • Expertise in reverse engineering & replacement solutions
  • World-class technology, automation & digitalization
  • Strong associations & tie-ups
  • Competitive cost integrated manufacturing operations
  • Registered with Director General of Quality Assurance for Defence products


High-speed Gearboxes installed globally

1,200+ KL

Gearboxes of global brands refurbished

  • Dominant market player among the engineered-to-order turbo gearbox manufacturers in India
  • Preferred partner to domestic and multinational Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for gears / gearboxes
  • Reliable supplier to Indian Navy for propulsion shafting and turbo pumps, for its indigenous sub-surface project


Leading solutions provider for efficient water management for industrial, municipal, urban applications

We are committed to contributing sustainable solutions that lead to environmental protection with an enhanced quality of life.

Advanced Solutions

Water Treatment

Water & Wastewater Network Management

Wastewater/Sewage Treatment

Desalination for seawater & brackish water

Recycle & Zero Liquid Discharge

Operations & Maintenance

Key Highlights

  • Wide range of innovative water/ wastewater treatment solutions across all major water usage segments
  • Customised, sustainable EPC solutions/services
  • Efficient total water management across the water cycle
  • Track record of executing some of the largest projects in India

12,000+ Million
Litres Per Day (MLD)

Water treated


installations successfully operating across India