Investing in the Future

We believe not only in capturing the current opportunities to drive business growth but also in investing in the emerging opportunities that will ensure sustainable future development. Our strategic approach is focussed on driving profitability while securing the planet for future growth

A strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) agenda is embedded in our business framework, and we continue to strengthen the same through targeted initiatives across our business segments.

Our Multi-Pronged Approach to Sustainability


  • Environment conservation is a key element of our ESG focus.
  • We strive to go beyond compliance to address the various risks that threaten the natural eco-system.
  • We are cognisant of the importance of sustainable sourcing as a key driver of our environmental sustainability journey.


  • Along with sustained economic performance, we believe in the importance of social stewardship.
  • It is our continuous endeavour to strengthen our social relationships, including those with our customers, employees and the communities around our operations, to make a positive difference to their lives.


  • We have in place a robust corporate governance framework.
  • The framework is centred around the principles of integrity, transparency, fairness, responsibility and ethics.


Our environmental protection initiatives include:

  • Power generation through bagasse, a renewable source of energy & co-product of sugar operations
  • Utilising molasses for production of fuel ethanol, which lowers dependence on fossil fuels and leads to cleaner environment
  • Reduction in effluents across air, water and ground, through investments in treatment plants, incineration boilers, etc.
  • Leading water and wastewater treatment company with a nationwide presence
  • Capturing CO2 and potash-rich ash from Distillery operations to extract value and limit impact to environment
  • Promoting R&D in water and wastewater treatment through CII Triveni water Institute
  • Following best practices in recycling and promoting conservation of natural resources
  • Supplying to a multitude of industries that use renewable sources of energy in power transmission
  • In power transmission, R&D to promote lower losses and increase efficiencies
  • Sourcing strategy, including vendor selection, based on sustainable requirements such that performance objectives are aligned with the Company

Emissions under scope 1 & 2 are technically estimated to be negligible as we are mainly using renewable source of energy.

Sourcing Responsibly & Sustainably

Sustainable procurement is vital to integrating sustainability into the entire value chain of our business. We have strong relationships with our vendors and continue to partner them in their sustainability efforts.


We continue to look at ways to make a positive societal difference for the community at large. Our community engagement efforts are centred around:

  • Farmer relations through continuous communication
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee engagement and relations
  • Improving soil health through regular tests
  • Data protection and privacy policies & efforts
  • Health and safety
  • Engagement with farmer communities
  • Employee diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Respect for human rights and compliance to labour principles

Supporting Healthcare Programmes

In FY 23, we:

Promoting Education & Women Empowerment and Sports


Our ethical and transparent governance framework encompasses the following elements: