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Business Profile SUGAR


We are one of India’s largest sugar manufacturers, with 7 state-of-the-art, Food Safety System Certification FSSC 22000 certified sugar units. Our integrated operations are designed to manufacture high-quality sugar, with the captive feedstock from the sugar units used to produce potable alcohol, fuel-ethanol & power.

In the sugar segment, our products include premium quality multi-grade (large, medium, small) crystal sugar, refined sugar and pharmaceutical grade sugar, for use across industries. We also produce raw sugar for exports, depending on the market dynamics. Besides fuel-ethanol and potable alcohol (Indian Made Indian Liquor), our Muzaffarnagar distillery is also being used to produce high-quality hand sanitizers under the GERMCARE brand.

Our manufacturing processes and products are certified for their exceptional quality, with our Refined Sugar benchmarked to International EEC II grades and Pharmaceutical Grade Sugar Quality being ICUMSA below 45, with no added sulfur.

We use the co-products generated in the sugar manufacturing process to deliver value-added integration through our six power plants and two large state-of-the-art distilleries. Integration of our sugar operations with co-generation and alcohol production lends us a strong competitive edge. It enables us to boost operational and cost efficiencies, backed by stability. It also helps de-risk our product portfolio, with a footprint across diverse industries – Beverages, Food, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Confectionery, Oil & Gas, Alcohol.

Our Manufacturing Footprint

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing units, equipped with best-in-class equipment and streamlined processes, are located strategically in the sugarcane-rich belt of Uttar Pradesh (U,P.). The units are equipped with latest technological equipment and analytical labs to ensure the highest levels of product quality in a safe, healthy and clean environment.

We follow high EHS (Environment, Healthy, Safety) standards, with strict compliance to environmental norms, at all our facilities. Periodic EHS audits and investigation of EHS incidents, followed by immediate corrective and preventive actions, are integral to our operational strategy. Our manufacturing facilities are eco-friendly and zero liquid discharge plants, complying with ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment series) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) as per International Standard requirements. We have set up concentrated spent wash (termed as SLOP) fired incineration boilers at both the distilleries, in compliance with the Indian Government’s new directives and guidelines for effluent treatment.

Sugar Production

Western UP
Khatauli (Refined Sugar)
Deoband (White Crystal Sugar)
Sabitgarh (Refined Sugar, Pharmaceutical Sugar)
Eastern UP
Ramkola (White Crystal Sugar)
Central UP
Rani Nangal (White Crystal Sugar)
Chandanpur (White Crystal Sugar)
Milak Narayanpur (White Crystal Sugar)


Sugar Manufacturing Units

FSSC 22000


61,000 TPD

Crushing capacity


Branded sugar & other food products


Muzaffarnagar (160 KLPD)

High-quality Fuel-grade Ethanol, Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA), Potable Alcohol

Sabitgarh (160 KLPD)

High-quality Fuel-Grade Ethanol

320 KLPD

Distillation Capacity

92 %

Ethanol Sales in Distillery product mix


Hand Sanitizers manufactured at Muzaffarnagar distillery

IMIL (Indian Made Indian Liquor)

Country Liquor produced at Muzaffarnagar distillery

We are operating three grid-connected large capacity co-generation plants and three smaller co-generation capacities (incidental co-generation facilities) at our five sugar units - Khatauli, Deoband, Chandanpur, Milak Narayanpur and Sabitgarh. The power thus produced helps us meet our captive requirements, while the surplus is exported to Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL), with whom we have power purchase agreements for all our co-generation facilities. We use the latest Distributed Control System (DCS) at our plants, which are operated by highly experienced and skilled manpower. This helps us ensure trouble-free efficient operations with high uptime and reliable operations, along with very high operating efficiencies.

104.5 MW

Total Grid connected co-generation capacity at 5 sugar units

Excellence rooted in trusted relationships

Strong and deep-rooted relationships are at the core of our strategic approach in the Sugar segment. We have in place robust and close supply chain relationships with leading multinational Beverage, Food & FMCG and Pharmaceutical companies, as well as Confectionery producers. These help us ensure sustained business growth and value creation for our stakeholders. What really gives us a powerful edge in this business is our robust Sugarcane Development Programme, founded on our close relationships with our 3,00,000+ farmer associates, whose social and economic empowerment is an overarching commitment we have ingrained in our organisational value-system.

We share the confidence and trust of more than 3,00,000 sugarcane growers as a result of our innovative interventions and initiatives, which are continuously helping them enhance their livelihood and lifestyles.

ExpandingFarmer Outreach

We engage closely with the farmers in our Sugarcane command areas, and work relentlessly with them to boost their farm yields. We incentivise and motivate the sugarcane growers to adopt the latest technologies and best practices. We provide them with high-yielding seeds, technological support, training and knowledge in best agronomic practices, to help increase their sugarcane yield and profitability. We teach them new techniques to nurture soil nutrients, improve cropping practices and ensure protection from disease. We support them through the cultivation and cropping lifecycle with continuous surveillance, real-time data capturing, as well as tools to control the cut-to-crush time. We also facilitate them in procuring high-quality and/or new varieties of sugarcane seeds, as well as pesticides and fungicides, on subsidised rates at our outlets.

Our Soil Health Programme is designed to help them assess the availability of macro and micro nutrients in the soil through planned collection of soil samples, followed by their testing and analysis at certified soil laboratories. Extension tools, such as pamphlets, wall paintings etc., are used to create awareness among farmers for balanced usage of soil nutrients. Based on the soil health status, we facilitate supply of macro and micro nutrients, including some on subsidised costs, through the agro input outlets at our units.

195K +

Hectare Area under Sugarcane

300K +

Farmer Network