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Business At A Glance

Triveni Engineering & Industries Limited is a diversified, integrated and sustainable organisation, rooted in innovation, quality and customer-centricity. We are one of the largest integrated Sugar manufacturers in India and a market leader in our Engineering businesses.

Who we are

We are an industry-leading organisation, with extensive expertise in delivering quality products and solutions to a growing clientele across geographies. The foundation of our profitable growth and sustained value delivery is built on our network of strong relationships, research & development capabilities, excellence in manufacturing, engineering efficiency and stringent quality controls. We run our operations with strict adherence to all Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) norms to provide clean, safe and healthy working conditions to our employees, and total protection to the communities around which we operate.

With our continuous investments in world-class technology and Industry 4.0 best practices, we ensure premium quality and fast deliveries with cost efficiencies.


World-class facilities

What we do

Our leadership spans the key segments of Sugar; fastest-growing and Engineering, with an expanding presence across some of the fastest growing markets within and outside India.

Sugar Businesses – A Snapshot


  • Among the largest integrated sugar manufacturers in India
  • Association with Indian farmers is as old as the industry itself
  • Produce power from co-product Bagasse - a residue of sugarcane crushing
  • Power used to meet captive needs, and surplus sold to Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited
  • Integrated operations to produce multi-grade sugar, potable alcohol, ethanol & power co-generation
  • Products include Multi-grade - Large, Medium and Small Crystal - Sugar, Refined Sugar, Raw Sugar, Pharmaceutical-grade Sugar
  • 7 FSSC 22000 certified sugar units in the sugar-rich UP belt
  • Extensive sugarcane development programme with 3+ lakh farmers
  • 6 co-generation plants with three plants utilising highly efficient 87 ata/515 degree C steam cycle
  • 104.5 MW grid connected co-generation capacity


  • Producers of ENA (which is used to produce Potable Alcohol) & Fuel-Grade Ethanol
  • 2 state-of-the-art distilleries at Muzaffarnagar (MZN) & Sabitgarh (SBT)
  • 320 KLPD current capacity - operating 350 days a year
  • MZN has flexible product manufacturing capability - Ethanol, Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA), Rectified Spirit (RS) and Denatured Spirit (SDS)
  • High-quality Ethanol manufactured at SBT distillery
  • Hand Sanitizer (GERMCARE) manufactured at Muzaffarnagar distillery
  • Indian Made Indian Liquor (IMIL) production started at MZN
  • Zero Liquid Discharge & stringent Environmental norms at distilleries
  • Plan to enhance the total distillation capacity to 660 KLPD before the commencement of the Sugar Season (SS) 2022-23 with expansion of existing distilleries and two new plants in the pipeline
  • The first is a new distillery being set up at our Milak Narayanpur sugar mill, which will be operated on molasses/sugarcane juice & syrup/grain. The second is a new grain-based distillery being set up at Muzaffarnagar

Engineering Business – A Snapshot

Power Transmission

  • Largest manufacturer of customised and reliable Turbo gears in India
  • India’s largest manufacturer of industrial high-speed gears and gearboxes
  • Triveni Defence Business, a strategic business unit, is an OEM for many important defence products and solutions to Indian Navy & Indian Coast Guard
  • Present in 3 different business segments – Gears, Defence, Built-to-Print
  • State-of-the-art Integrated manufacturing facility
  • Unmatched world-class delivery time
  • Reputation for reliability and technical excellence of products
  • Trusted & reliable supplier for Indian Navy
  • Approved supplier of Propulsion Gearboxes, Gas Turbine Generators, Steam Turbines, Turbo auxiliaries and special application turbo & motor-driven pumps for the Indian Navy and Coast Guard
  • High-quality products being manufactured at Mysuru facility
  • Research & Development expertise on critical turbo products
  • Also registered with the Director General of Quality Assurance

Water & Wastewater Treatment Solutions

  • Leading solutions provider for efficient water management for industrial/municipal/urban applications
  • Full range of innovative water/wastewater treatment solutions across all the major water usage segments
  • Leveraging technology to provide customised, sustainable EPC solutions/services
  • Efficient total water management across the water cycle
  • ~10,000 Million Litres Per Day (MLD) water treated
  • >2,000 process equipment supplied and commissioned
  • Executed some of the largest projects in India

What drives us

Our ability to deliver exceptional response to our stakeholder needs and aspirations, in even the most difficult circumstances, is driven by our vision and philosophy. It is steered by our customer-centric ethos, with responsible growth at the centre of our strategic approach and actions.

Founding Group Principles


  • Professional and transparent business practices
  • Strong focus on Corporate Governance and EHS

Product Quality

  • Best-in-class manufacturing
  • Internationally benchmarked on quality standards


  • Consistent R&D of technology to surpass customer needs
  • Experienced team with an Innovation forward mindset

Strong Relationships

  • Sustainable solutions that create a high degree of value four our customers
  • Strong networks in place to enable smooth business operations


  • Leadership in all our business lines with sustainability at the core
  • Enabling Environmentally responsive operations

Our Vision

We strive to maintain sustainable business growth through continuous innovation, market development and customer retention while creating long-term value for all our stakeholders.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing premium quality products, innovative and sustainable solutions that create value for our customers. We continue to look at ways we can make a positive environmental, societal and economic difference for the community at large. We build diverse teams and provide equal growth opportunities to all our employees.

Our Values

Being Responsive through Responsible Growth

Sustainable and responsible growth is a key tenet of our business strategy. It is the source of our ability to cater to the evolving requirements of our customers and to the urgent needs of the communities around which we work. It is also the powerhouse of our responsiveness to the long-term aspirations of our employees and all other stakeholders.

This focus on sustainable growth is also ingrained in our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) philosophy and empowers us to provide meaningful social and economic interventions in the vital areas of education, healthcare, hygiene etc to the communities around our operations. We sharpened this focus further amid the COVID pandemic, to reach out more effectively to the most vulnerable sections of the society.

Powering growth

Through Innovation

Innovation is another major propeller of our business proposition and we remain steadfastly focused on augmenting our Research & Development capabilities through skill and technology upgradation. Regular mapping and analysis of market trends helps us understand and cater to the evolving customer needs better. We work closely with scientists & agri-research institutes on the latest agronomic developments in the Sugar business, while our association with leading technology providers in the Engineering business give us a strong edge that helps us in achieving breakthrough solutions to cater to our customer requirements.