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Recycle & Reuse of Waste water

Water scarcity, increasing costs of water & it's treatment, stringent environmental norms for discharge have made recycle and reuse of waste water a necessity.

Waste water after treatment through physical, chemical & biological processes can be further treated by tertiary treatment processes. The downstream treatment processes to effluent treatment system further decrease Suspended impurities, BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand), COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), TOC(Total Organic Carbon) and Dissolved impurities beyond the regulatory discharge norms and make water suitable for various applications. The treated water can be recycled and reused for washing, cooling, horticulture process and numerous other applications.

TEIL has the distinction of having designed, supplied and installed large number of successfully operating recycle plants in India. We offer a wide range of technologies to provide complete solutions for recycle, reuse & ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge).

Our solutions include following treatment processes:

  • Clarification systems
  • Media Filtration (Sand, Carbon, Walnut shell, Dual media, Multi Media, Advance Media, etc.)
  • Membrane filtration(Micro Filtration, Ultra Filtration, Nano-filtration & Reverse Osmosis)
  • Ion Exchange treatment
  • Chlorination systems (Dosing systems for hypochloride, Chlorine Di-oxide, Gas, electrochlorination)
  • Ozonation systems
  • UV Systems
  • Chemical storage, handling & dosing systems
  • Sludge handling, treatment & management systems (Thickeners, Centrifuge, Fliter press)
  • Evaporators & Crystallisers

Our turnkey execution also include allied systems for water & waste reservoirs, storage, piping for collection, transfer and distribution, plant automation, associated civil works.