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wastewater treatment & recycle of water

Process Equipments

  • Screening

    • Removal of suspended contaminants in water/waste water is mandatory for safeguarding process and downstream units. This is done by the screens.

      Triveni offers the most robust range of screening equipments for almost every application in Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel construction or to suit the process requirement. The Screening equipment can be supplied for Light, Medium & Heavy duty services for positive debris removal from water/waste water. The Screening equipments are fabricated and assembled in the work and shipped after adequate testing in major sub-assemblies with proper marking to ensure easy field assembly. The Screening equipments are designed for efficient and cost effective solutions with durable and dependable operations. The Screening equipments are available for applications upto 14' wide and upto 90' deep.

  • Trash Cleaning Machines

  • Traveling Water Screen

  • Intake Works Equipment

  • Grit Separation

  • Clarification

  • Gravity Belt Thickener