Innovation is integral to the Power Transmission Business (PTB), which is divided into two streams Gears & Defence. PTB was founded in 1976 to meet the increasing demand for high-speed gears for STG applications. Today, the name PTB is synonymous with cutting-edge technology, knowledge, and expertise covering installations in 70 countries across a wide range of applications. PTB is ready to power the world with unrivaled expertise in the design and development of all sorts of gears and gearboxes, as well as a modern, globally benchmarked manufacturing facility.

PTB has grown to become one of the largest & leading gear manufacturing company in India with a 46-year track record and a rich history. It has carved out a niche for itself by being ubiquitous across industry segments and application spectrums.

PTB caters to international OEMs for new product development, provides durable replacement solutions to all worldwide brands, and is also built to print gears for some of the world's leading OEMs.

Triveni PTB is genuinely world-class, with an unwavering dedication to research & development, product excellence, technological superiority, and customer care focus.

PTB is being patronized by all major global OEMs in India, SEA, and other parts of the world offering power transmission solutions to various applications like Steam Turbine Generators / Gas Turbine Generators / Rotary & Reciprocating Compressor / Centrifugal and Reciprocating Pumps / Blowers, Hydro Turbine Generator / ID-FD Fans.

PTB gearboxes are compliant with API and AGMA standards catering to various industry segments like Thermal, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, IPPs, Fertilisers, Steel, Cement, Sugar, Rubber & Plastics, spanning all geographies.

PTB Gearboxes are optimally designed to comply with stringent API and AGMA standards for installations in extreme ambient conditions of sub-zero or high temperatures. The Gearboxes are engineered to various configurations such as multiple outputs, vertical and horizontal offset, and quill shafts. Accessories include an inbuilt and skid-mounted lubrication system and temperature and Vibration instrumentation package suitable for hazardous area applications, meeting stringent noise and vibration limits.

Reliability built through superior technology, manufacturing, and product quality combined with four and half decades of rich experience in high technology gears is our key strength that leads to developing customized gear drives, meeting tough demands of Industries across high speed as well as niche slow speed applications.

Gearbox Refurbishment is very integral to the industry. PTB undertakes gearbox repair & refurbishment of predominantly world-renowned brands followed by local brands as well.

Two-pronged strategy is adopted in the event of failure - Short-term & Long-term solutions. A short-term solution would include minor gearbox repair with the least lead time to maximize the uptime of the equipment, whereas a Long-term solution is aimed at creating higher order of reliability which includes major repair and replacement of gearbox parts.

PTB's current product portfolio, be it OEM, be it repair & refurbishing is supplemented by a gearbox service portfolio that includes:-

  • Diagnostic study and health check-up
  • Overhauling
  • Upgradation and automation of existing plants
  • Installation and commissioning
  • On-site training and assistance

Triveni PTB provides reliable 360-degree customized gearbox services throughout the product life cycle at the lowest cost, thus maximizing uptime and performance. Major end customers include Global O&G companies and Refineries, Cement, Sugar, Steel, Fertiliser, IPP, Thermal, Hydro, Paper and Pulp, Petrochemical, and Chemical industries.

PTB has ventured into built-to-print gears of high quality for select global customers leveraging its high-precision specialized manufacturing capability. The precision quality requirements for these select customers resonate well with PTB's forte in high-speed gearing.



Gearboxes under operation

>50 GW

Globally installed gears capacity


Replacements of >80 global brands


Our diverse array of new build product offerings caters to the needs of a wide range of industries.



PTB supplements its core products and services with a robust aftermarket service proposition, spanning field maintenance and supply of spare parts by trained engineers. PTB provides the following services to its customers:

  • Detailed GA and manuals with complete gearbox installation and commissioning data
  • Active interaction with site engineers to resolve commissioning issues, if any
  • Direct overseas service support from Mysuru, if required
  • Expert troubleshooting support
  • Health monitoring of other gearboxes makes





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