We are one of the leading manufacturers
of Gears and Gearboxes in india.

Business Overview

Triveni Power Transmission, Power Transmission Business of Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd., is the largest manufacturer of high speed gears and gearboxes in India for steam turbines, gas turbines, compressors, pumps, blowers as well as special purpose industry applications designed as per API, AGMA. DIN, ISO and other international standards. Triveni Power Transmission also manufactures niche low speed gearboxes for mini Hydel turbines, Steel mills, sugar mills, rubber mixers and extruders, cement mills. Thermal plants, plastics etc.

Reliability built through superior technology, manufacturing and product quality combined with 38 years of rich experience in high technology gears are our key strengths that lead to develop customized gear drives, meeting tough demands of Industries across high speed as well as Niche slow speed applications.

Triveni Power Transmission offers end-to-end solutions in high-speed gears and gearboxes. Started in 1976, with the objective to fulfil the Company's captive demand for high-speed gears, over these years, it has become the dominant supplier to all major OEMs in the country. With unmatched capabilities in the design and development of all types of gears and gearboxes, combined with an ultra-modern manufacturing facility the Company is poised to "Gear the Future".

Triveni Power Transmission and Lufkin Industries, LLC (part of Baker Hughes) joined hands, way back in the year 1998 through strategic technology license agreement to redefine gear transmission technology in India. Over the last two decades, the technology license from Lufkin has been expanded with respect to product range, applications and geographies, now designated to countries in South East Asia, parts of Africa and South Asia and select customers globally.

Lufkin has been a world leader in high speed gear applications as well as Niche low speed and has been in the field of gears for over a century. Lufkin's commitment to excellence has been supported by an extensive research and development as well as modernization programme. Customers worldwide depend on Lufkin for their continuous commitment to technological innovation and engineering experience in mechanical transmission. Superior product technology coupled with rich experience of Lufkin and combined with exceptional problem solving capabilities allows Triveni Power Transmission to produce customised Gear drives which meet the tough quality and specification demands of the industry.

License agreement would include technology transfer from design, manufacturing and service for new build and aftermarket coupled with technical support and training to Triveni Power Transmission's personnel. While Triveni Power Transmission manufactures gearboxes for (below 7.5 MW applications using its own technology, and the license covers above 7.5 MW) all high speed applications.

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