We are one of the leading manufacturers
of Gears and Gearboxes in india.


Triveni Power Transmission has developed following products and designs in-house:

  • Developed three stage planetary gearbox series for sugar mill application, power ranging from 500 KW to 1,500 KW. The first gearbox is successfully running for the past 7 years in a sugar mill.
  • New Vertical offset high power hydro gearbox is developed with the hybrid gear casing with a fabricated structure of cast steel and mild steel to increase rigidity at low cost
  • Offset bearing design for very high speed (above 10,000 rpm) and high-power application
  • Empirical formulas derived from numerical simulation model to estimate the amount of growth and distortion of large gear wheels during heat treatment. Necessary modifications in manufacturing stage drawings made based on the estimated values to ensure reliability of gears produced.
  • 40 MW centrifugal compressor test rig, two speed, bi-directional gearbox with single input, three output configurations were designed, manufactured, tested successfully and exported to Japan.
  • Gear design software has been developed in-line with AGMA / API standards which encompasses Gear sizing, Gear rating, Mechanical /Thermal movement, shaft and tooth deflection analysis.
  • To increase the efficiency of high-speed gearbox, reduction in windage power loss is being worked upon through a detailed R&D effort using CFD simulation and design validation.
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