India is in the midst of a Transformational Journey

to chart its course towards greater self-reliance. It is powering an all-encompassing evolution, across its economic and industry landscape, to emerge strong, independent and self-sufficient.

Inspired by India’s journey of self-reliance, we, at Triveni Engineering, have also prepared a roadmap to drive self-sufficiency across the sectors and business segments of our presence.

We have positioned ourselves as partners in the nation’s efforts to become a self-sustaining economic power on the global map

We have aligned our strategic priorities and long-term goals toward the creation of a self-reliant India for future generations

We have scaled our focus on the key areas driving self-sufficiency – from our Sugar to Alcohol to our Power Transmission, Defence and Water segments

Our strategic charter is driven by a host of initiatives designed to propel the progress of our customers, partners and other stakeholders. At the same time, it is crafted to steer the economic development of our nation, supported by the empowerment of various segments of its population.

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