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Cane Development

Cane Development

Triveni conducts an extensive cane development program in the command area of all of its sugar units to co-create and share a better tomorrow with the farmers. Engaging over 250,000 farmers towards cane development, we have been promoting various yield improvement techniques through a structured educational and extension program. Our dedicated cane development team, which works hand in glove with the farmers, helps maximize yield through supply of high yielding variety seeds and by spreading knowledge on advanced practices in agronomy, cropping practices and plant protection programmes.

Triveni has been pioneer in utilizing modern IT software/ tools for monitoring, developing and procuring cane from its command area. The cane procurement module, besides facilitating smooth cane procurement on part of the Sugar unit also helps farmers preplan their cane harvesting schedule for a smooth supply of their harvest in the crushing season.

The Cane development team works closely with the farmers and continuously motivates them for adopting new promising varieties of cane replacing the old and degenerated varieties, which in turn helps increase sugar recovery for the Sugar Mill and obtain healthy and higher yields for the farmers. Seed and seed transport subsidies are provided to the farmers to facilitate growing early, improved / high sugared varieties of cane. Consequent to the efforts and positive response from the farmers, there has been a significant change in the varietal mix of the cane area across all our Sugar Units with significant planting of selected promising varieties.

Being spread across the breadth of Uttar Pradesh, the sugar units have varying cane development priorities depending upon the local situation, climatic conditions and soil types. Bringing new areas under cane cultivation, promoting suitable varietal mix with focus on early and high sugared varieties are some of the focus areas.

Cane yields over the years, have reached a plateau and is a matter of concern for both farmers and the industry. Stagnation in yields has also resulted in raising the cost of cane production. There are environmental as well as technical concerns to be addressed for improving yield levels. Although environmental concerns are not directly under our control, agronomic ways to address some of the concerns have been developed and is a focus area of Cane Development. Gaps in prevailing methods of cane cultivation have also been identified and suggesting their low cost alternatives is another agenda of our cane development activities. Techniques e.g. Trench planting and Wider spacing is being propagated to improve cane yields.

Triveni engages in continuous surveillance of cane crop round the year and support farmers in keeping the crop healthy and disease free. In recent years, thousands of hectares of cane crop have been protected from serious infestation of disease and pest thus saving valuable money of the farmers along with their crop.

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