GermCare Hand Sanitizers
available in 100 ml, 200 ml,
500 ml, 1 litre and 5 litre pack

Customer Segmentation

ENA, which fetches the highest realisation, forms the majority of the product mix. The Company remains a preferred supplier to United Spirits Limited for ENA due to the high quality of its product and service levels. Other customers include the Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs), Jubilant Organosys, India Glycol Ltd. etc. Distillery commands premium for its excellent product quality.

Product Mix: Currently, majority of the product is ENA and Ethanol. Product mix has to be dynamically adjusted depending on pricing and demand.

ENA (Potable)

  • Gives highest realization
  • Comparatively less competition due to quality issues
  • ENA forms 65 – 70% of our sales
  • Preferred supplier to USL
  • Premium for our quality and service level

Other Segments

RS (Potable) and SDS (Industrial) give much lower realization.

Fuel Ethanol

Drivers for Ethanol

  • Cleaner fuel, fuel security and trade deficit (forex position)
  • 5% blending in petrol made mandatory.
  • Demand of at least an additional 70 – 80 cr L (@ 5% only)
  • High Realisation
  • Ethanol blending programme will be sustainable despite initial hindrances
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