We are one of the leading manufacturers
of Gears and Gearboxes in india.

Testing Facilities

We believe that quality is of utmost importance. Therefore, we ensure that our gearboxes are of supreme quality. We ensure this using our critical testing facilities that include the following:

  • 1,600 KW Test rig for testing gearbox up to 90 MW power
  • 600 KW Test rig for testing gearbox up to 30 MW power
  • 200 KW Test rig for testing gearbox up to 6 MW power
  • Dedicated Shop lube system – 2000 LPM with VFD control
  • Online control, monitoring and data capturing of gearbox testing parameters through Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system
  • Bentley Nevada vibration monitoring and analysis through ADRE
  • Sound pressure level measurement using B&K analyzer
  • Casing Vibration measurement using SKF MICROLOG
  • Capability to test hydro gearboxes on full speed and run away speed.

We can test up to max of 15,000 rpm speed (Test bench drive capacity) and gearbox speed of up to 70,000 rpm.


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