Providing best in class product support to Indian Defence Forces
and contributing to building of safer and stronger India

Business Overview

Over the years, Triveni Group has established itself as one of the most sought-after partners to the Indian Navy in the indigenous designing and development of customised steam turbines and related equipment such as turbo pumps, fin stabilisers, and propulsion gearboxes. Triveni’s association with the Indian Navy as a trusted supplier is backed by three decades of cooperation, mutual understanding and sustenance.

In particular, ATVP has chosen Triveni as its reliable supplier of the Turbo Alternator Turbines (TAT) and turbo pumps under its highly coveted Indigenous submarine programme. The relationship continues to-date for refurbishment, reverse engineering and offering fully indigenous solutions for the turbo-auxiliaries of steam ships of Indian Navy.

Leveraging on its solid technological expertise, best-in-class manufacturing infrastructure and years of expertise into supplying superior technology products, Triveni exhibits unmatched levels of dynamism, professionalism and quest for robust product development. The Defence Business Group has been set up as a Strategic Business Unit of Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd. based at Mysore, focusing on design, development and manufacturing of a wide range of defence products. The group endeavours to proactively diversify into the Indian Defence sector, given the impetus from Indian Government’s Make in India program. Triveni is an approved OEM for propulsion gearboxes, auxiliary power Gas Turbines Generators, steam turbines and turbo auxiliaries, turbo and motor driven pumps and fin stabilisers with the Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard and the Director General of Quality Assurance (DGQA).

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