Providing best in class product support to Indian Defence Forces
and contributing to building of safer and stronger India

Our Products

Triveni aims to develop defence products aligned to the vision of Make in India and the motto of self-sustenance of high technology engineered products for Indian Defence Forces. Currently, Triveni has a diverse portfolio of products and intends to potentially add niche superior technology products in the near future.

Diverse range of defence products ranging from

  • Propulsion Gearboxes and other critical gearboxes
  • Critical Turbo and Motor driven Pumps
  • Gas Turbine Generators for auxiliary power
  • Steam Turbines to complex Turbo-Auxiliaries
  • Fin Stabilisers
  • Propulsion Gas Turbines Packages *
  • Propulsion Shafting *
  • Propellers *
  • Propulsion System Integration *
  • Water Jets *
  • Application based EPC solutions *
  • Solutions for Steering Systems / Stabilisers *

* - Products expected to be added in 2019

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